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100 240V SR81 Solar Water Heater Controller Temperature Controller Solar Controller Thermal Controller| – AliExpress



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SR81 solar water heater intelligent controller, used for split-type solar energy, developed by the latest Dutch NXP high-performance single-chip microcomputer, realizes intelligent control; all devices adopt industrial grade standard, can run freely in cold, high temperature and humid environment With the clock chip at the same time, the timing control is accurate.
The controller LCD liquid crystal display, beautiful appearance, stable and reliable performance, easy installation, become the most perfect accessory product for solar water heaters. SR81 English version, can be charged with heating 3000W. Power input: AC100…240V ~(50…60Hz) Rated pulse voltage: 2.5KV. Housing: Plastic . Installation: wall mounted. Run: 10 push buttons on the front of the panel
Protection category: IP40. Electric heating 3000W power. Display dimensions: 120*120*18mm. 3000W main controller Dimensions: 218*165*55mm
Note: 3000W electric heating controller, no power cord, users need to access 2.5 square wire. Ambient temperature: -10-50oC. Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 2 ° C. Temperature display: 0.1 ° C. Collector temperature range: -10 ~ 220 ° C. Water tank or pipeline temperature range: 0 ~ 110 ° C
Input signal: 1 PT1000 temperature sensor input. 4 NTC10KB=3950 temperature sensor inputs. 1 rotary vane electronic flowmeter (FRT) Output signal: 3 electromagnetic relays, maximum switching current 2A
Color: white
The main function:
Single system: (standard solar system 1 collector, 1 water tank)
LCD display
CLK time setting
THET timing auxiliary heating
CIRC water end circulation pump three-time temperature/time control function
PWD password input
LOAD water tank heating setting
COL collector function
OCEM collector emergency shutdown function
OCCO collector cooling
OCMI collector minimum temperature
OCFR collector antifreeze function
COOL cooling function
OSTC tank cooling
OHDP heat transfer
TIME timer function
AH automatic temperature adjustment function
BEEP buzzer fault alarm function
MAN manual function
BLPR blocking protection
OTDI high temperature sterilization function
FS flow monitoring and pump idling protection
UNIT conversion between Celsius and Fahrenheit
RET reset
PASS password setting
M.H manual heating
Economic model
Manual start with water circulation pump
Holiday function
Protective function
Power failure memory protection
screen protector
1* host
1* display
1* English manual
1* PT1000 sensor (specification: 6*50mm, line length 1.5m)
2* NTC10K (specification: φ 6*50mm)
1* neutral paper Box packaging
Only the above package content, other products are not included.
Note: Light shooting and different displays may cause the color of the item in the picture a little different from the real thing. The measurement allowed error is +/- 1-3cm.





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